About LB-estore

We are obsessive about discovering things that rise above the ordinary; that we think will get your attention and captureit. Besides, to bring these to you wherever you are and whenever you believe you have the opportunity to enjoy a bit.

So we made a website to bring you the trendy products you will go gaga for; to allow you to make your own space, take advantage of those secret abilities and better your collections, and help you shop such that you will find mesmerizing.

We present to you the trendiest and most exclusive products from around India to your home. Forget rubbing the net for what's hot all around the world; we have you covered.

From the rain of trends coming down each season, we just prescribe the ones ensured to put you on the hit list.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We deliver orders placed with Standard Delivery at least two days afterthe transport. You can see the estimated delivery date before you place the order.

Fast Shipping

We provide your ordered products as soon as possible so that youcan use your products quickly.

Premium Materials

We highly esteem working with the best materials for all that we sell. We'll sell nothing that we don't like ourselves or launch a new product just to make more money.

Genuine Product

We are committed to selling only genuine products to the customers on LB-eStore.

Secure Products

We understand that you care about how your information is used, and we value your trust in us to do that cautiously and reasonably.Your privacy is important to us, and we work to keep your data secure.

Cash on Delivery

After receiving your order, we do a standard pre-endorsement check on your payment card to ensure there are sufficient funds to fulfil the transaction.

Easy Delivery

You will be given various choices for products' delivery during the order process.